Colour diagrams (charts, maps, visuals) are rather beautiful. There are a great many of them in a variety of shapes and sizes but all are an attempt to measure and capture colour. Through my research into colour theory, to gain an understanding of what colour is and how colour is constructed in digital print, I have encountered many diagrams which I began to collect. For me the variety of colour diagrams has been reassuring. I have felt stupid because I have found colour theory difficult to comprehend. There is so much to know and so many theories and theorists. Colour has been studied for a very long time and trying to decipher what is relevant and what is known has been difficult. So to see, visually, the variations and differences and attempts to map out this concept of colour in such beautiful, tangible ways, has helped ease the brain ache. Through this blog I will highlight some of the diagrams that have been helpful to me and also collate the various ways that theorists have plotted out colour

The image here is by William Benson and is from his book Principles of The Science of Colour published in 1868. The coloured dots map out colour harmonies.