Welcome to my blog about digital textile printing. I’m researching tools and methods to assist designers with colour expectation in digital textile printing. There is a marked difference between screen colour and print colour from Computer Aided Design (CAD) file to the final fabric print and as a designer its been causing me issues. I applied to the 3D3 Centre for Doctoral Training to undertake a PhD to try and find solutions to this problem.

I am looking to test out various methods and existing tools and software to trial out what works. I will compile all my research into an online resource which is openly accessible allowing designers, artists and small businesses without access to fancy kit and colour specialist knowledge to navigate their way through colour spaces and achieve the colours they want when digitally printing onto cloth.

This blog will serve as a space to document my experiments, a place to hold the different paths and journeys I take and a personal resource for the practitioners and literature I am looking at.

The photo above is my Bristol fabric, upholstered on a 1930s armchair for the Bristol Biennial.