Vanessa Bell was an artist who, as part of the Omega Workshop, designed for interiors (textiles, furniture, ceramics). Bell was part of the Bloomsbury Group  a group of cultural intellectuals who met to share ideas and collaborate. Bell held regular meetings of the group at her home, which she shared with her sister Virginia Woolf , having started The Friday Club, a means for the group of artists she circulated in, mainly from The Slade School of Art, to put on exhibitions and discuss art. Her husband, Clive Bell, introduced Roger Fry to the group, a critic and artist who wanted to see an improvement in British Design and manufacturing. Fry began the Omega Workshop as part of his vision of producing a well designed aesthetic which Virginia Bell designed many fabrics for.


Her own home, Charleston, which she shared with Duncan Grant (her lover) and Clive Bell (her husband) was decorated with her fabrics, paintings and furniture.