I came across BlackPop Design at Decorex in 2015. I had ventured up to London on my own with my 4 month old baby determined to see some of Design Week and sauntered into the big shed that is Decorex, elegantly and lavishly furnished and plonked in Syon Park. Freddie in the sling I zoomed round the stands trying to make notes, take photographs and summon up the courage to talk to people all at once when really I was terrified Freddie would cry or need boobs and all I wanted was to eat cake and hide in the loos (which were beautifully decorated btw).

Venturing onto BlackPop’s stand I was greeted with warmth by two lovely women who seemed genuinely happy to chat about their work and loved my baby. I could have hugged them both.

The collection they were showing was all digitally printed velvet. Velvet is hard to print upon because the pile of the cloth clogs up the nozzles and the dye / ink doesn’t reach the base of the threads so there is always a white patch at the bottom. But their sumptuous fabrics were covered in colour, patterns and motifs. The collection was inspired by the tudors with a ‘Mary’ and ‘Henry’ fabric, and upholstered onto big thick puffy sofas and armchairs.

Their most recent collection is darker, more graffiti like. And the thing with BlackPop is that you look at their work and think my god that’s not going to work but actually as a fabric it works very well. The look isn’t as busy as you fear and the mad crazy paving affect of using quite a lot of (I’m presuming) Adobe Photoshop filters and tools, comes across as fresh and interesting compared to the many English Country / Cath Kidson chic that occupied alot of Decorex. I like it. And they were nice too.