Gunda Foerster is an artist who uses light to create immersive installation pieces although her early work used colour in other mediums such as placing red curtains or flags as a means of intervening into your experience of a space.

This desire to change our perceptions of our surroundings dominates Gunda’s work and it is no wonder that she has moved from flags to light as a means to do so. Light is key to our perception, particularly of colour, and lighting conditions are frequently tightly controlled to try to influence our behaviour from the way we shop to how we’re feeling (hospitals, spas, theatre).

Gunda also uses the C-print as a medium to explore light and colour (if they are not to be seen as the same thing). A C-print is the negative image of a photograph, like applying the inverse filter in Photoshop. Everything that was black goes white and vice versa. Its like magic. Her C-prints are not staged family photos at the beach however. Gunda’s photographs are blury layers like x-rays or ghosts with inky dipped halos of colour hovering around the murky shapes.