Marion Dorn was an American designer working in London in the 1920s and 30s, moving to New York in the 40s at the outbreak of the Second World War. She is most famous for her rug designs but I am interested in the moquettes she designed for the seating on the London Underground.

London Underground’s designs in the Interwar period are pretty iconic. Commissioned by Frank Pick, founding member of the Design and Industries Association and champion of ‘good’ design, Marion’s ‘Colindale Moquette’ a leaf design in strong red and green in a geometric pattern was in use up until the 1960s.

Dorn’s use of texture in her rug designs, known as ‘sculpted carpets’ proved very popular and her designs were used by the new interior designers such as Syrie Maugham. Her work featured in lots of the large hotels and new houses of the time. You can still see her rug design at Colton Fishacre, a large art deco house in Devon.