Elanbach‘s tag line is ‘from the heart of the country’ and their collections feature a range of florals, chintzes and oriental inspired fabrics. These themes don’t conjure up a cutting edge digital print design studio but that is indeed the Elanbach set up. Along with the likes of Standfast and Barrackss and Classic Textiles it seems that digital textile printing is being used as a means to reprint, or recreate, a certain admired and sought after textile aesthetic which would have previously been rotary or silk screen printed. Elanbach offer a large range of prints and perhaps are able to because the designs can be printed in short runs even though they look like traditionally printed designs.

Elanbach are listed as a sister company to Jim Dickens who are a staple of the upholstery trade although not considered particularly cutting edge or contemporary. One of my upholstery suppliers offered the Jim Dickens range in their catalogue and I did point customers in its direction if I had someone looking for a very traditional look but didn’t want to spend too much money!