Susan Hiller  is an artist who works in a variety of mediums, from performance, photography, film and installation. She makes work about culture and phenomenas and her use of colour is often symbolic such as the Resounding series and Homage to Marcel Duchamp. The colour palette these works create are rather beautiful but I don’t think that colour is at the forefront of her work, rather it illustrates her concepts. I wanted to include her work because I think that her colour use demonstrates how artists have a tacit way of using colour to create beautiful visuals that draw us to their work. She also uses colour to illustrate the human subconscious, offering dreamlike visuals to depict the inner subjective workings of the human brain. I like this depiction of our subconscious as compartments of coloured images or flashes of coloured electrical signals and feel that this is a rather good way to picture something so intangible.