Emilio Pucci was an Italian Fashion designer,from an eminent Florence family, who began designing after the Second World War. He initially designed colourful swimwear but branched out into scarves and then womenswear. His designs became very popular with celebrities in the 1960s and were worn by Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy and Sophia Loren.

His prints are very psychedelic, intricate and colourful. They evoke the 1960s and 70s. The clothes designed seem to be more about the textile print than the tailoring. It is therefore no surprise that in their bid to continue to create dynamic and strong textile designs that Pucci today are utilising digital print. Their current collection echoes mountain ranges, cutting across the clothes in peaks. But it is the lack of repeat restrictions that they are really exploiting, designing the motifs to fit the form of the clothing.

The colours have always been strong and bold in hue, updated to fit fashion and trends. Motifs tend to be outlined either in black or with a neutral colour such as silver or brown. This makes the colours and the pattern stand out.