Marianne Straub was Swiss born but moved to Britain in the 1930s where she studied in Bradford before working for industry. She designed many fabrics for the Festival of Britain and created upholstery designs for London Underground, the QE2 and BEA aircraft. Her understanding of the weaving process allowed her to create complicated, layered patterns.

She worked for Warner and Sons from the 1950s and produced many recognisable Mid Century fabrics. Her colour palette however is fairly muted for a Mid Century designer, sticking to earth tones. Her fabrics feature simple colour combinations, frequently with no more than four colours. She had a great passion for designing things that people could afford.

Speaking about her practice to Mary Schoeser, Straub said

Whilst thinking of the new cloth, I think of its weight, its draping qualities, the handle; I see it in colours…The essence of the whole exercise is to place the cloth, in my imagination, into the situation in which it will be used