Timorous Beasties are a Scottish design duo who have been designing wallpapers and fabrics for interiors since the 1990s. They started out as screen printers but have introduced more digital designs, which they work back into to get some of the decorative affects that digital printing can’t yet produce (for example flocking and embellishments). Their products are at the high end of the market but highly sort after. They use traditional elements and repeats (damask, floral, inspiration from nature) but often with a twist. Their toile du jouy features city scape scenes such a tramps drinking tenants super and damasks drip into graffiti sprayed splodges, flocked ants march across sofas.

They have also experimented with etching and surface design, laser etching into bricks and stone work to create textured patterns. They have exhibited widely crossing from design into the art world and collaborated with various archives and brands.

Their colour use is strong with bright vivid hues used in their digital designs, often on the orange tonal range, which has fewer out of gamut colours for CMYK inkjet printers.