Susi Bellamy is an artist and designer who worked in the fashion industry for most of her career before returning to her practice full time. Her art inspires her designs and as a member of The Colour Group she is particularly interested in colour exploring the ‘interaction of colour’.

Her cushions are digitally printed onto velvet or silk, using The Silk Bureau. The colours are vivid and sumptuous and the hues very tonal. She uses photographic imagery and scans of hand paintings and collages which she scans in. Both silk and velvet are very vivid in colour when digitally printed upon. Velvet, because of the pile, often has an issue where the dye doesn’t penetrate to the bottom of the pile leaving a white tuft. Velvet can cause issues in inkjet printers because the tufts cause clogging of the print head nozzles and some printers refuse to print upon it.

Bellamy pairs up hues and chooses colours that can be printed, particularly those from the orange range. Her designs are made to complement each other as a collection and she has a variety of plain coloured cushions which match the colours of her prints.