Richard Long ‘s Time and Space exhibition at the Arnolfini was a celebration and exploration of the places that Long grew up. Using past work the show displayed the variety of ways that Long uses to evoke landscape. My favourites are his text pieces, the ‘Red Walk’, whilst slightly dated, really conjuring up the walk he took from Bristol to Dawlish. Covering natural, organic and made made substances you move from bright to dark hues of red, ‘blood of a thrush’, ‘a roadman’s hair’, ‘a ploughed field’ and ‘paint on the road’. Of course the reds that he conjures up will be very different to each reader, because our vision is subjective, meaning that each reader will take away an entirely different image from this art work. I think that’s why I liked them so much. At the time I was documenting my own reds on Instagram as I’d identified it as a tricky colour to get right in digital textile printing and wanted to build up a body of reds to inspire design works so this show really sang with me.