Janssen is a visual artist primarily working with light. Colours mixed through light are additive, like the colours you see on the computer monitor, and use red, green and blue (RGB). Yellowbluepink uses a mist of pink, yellow and blue, subtractive colours, which are used by printers (CMYK) to build colour. I was interested to see what would happen as the colours mixed together in the space.

Yellowbluepink consisted of a coloured mist that you couldn’t quite see through. As you moved forwards the mist changed from red/pink, to yellow, to blue. Sense of direction becomes impaired and this seemed to get worse the darker the colour as the blue mist appeared more opaque. Other visitors shuffled around, arms out in front of them, trying to touch the walls. Where the colours merged the mist became red/orange and green/mauve. This led me to reflect on colour creation, in particular additive and subtractive colour spectrums. There is current debate on the use of LED lights in theatre lighting, which have subtractive spectrums, whereas traditional Tungsten lighting, is additive. I will explore whether the adjustments in staging from additive to subtractive, offers information for the toolkit.