Michael Beutler’s large scale installation piece filled the gallery. Much of it had been made, and was continued to be made, by gallery staff. Material and matter filled the gallery spaces creating a maze of bundles and rugs and walls and openings. All very exciting if you’re a new learnt to crawl baby. I wasn’t sure if you were allowed to touch but Freddie certainly felt it was ok. We whizzed around the show as a consequence.

The title of the show, comes from the method used to create the large scale coloured paper bricks In some way it felt like entering a hoarders house. A slightly bonkers hoarder who hoards from the children’s scrapstore. I’m not quite sure what I learnt about colour, the fear of my child being the one that ruined THE ART meant we didn’t ponder it for long, but there was lots of it here and that’s all good with me.