You weren’t really meant to take photographs at Martin Creed’s exhibition for Hauser and Wirth in Bruton, Somerset but I took a few. One of Freddie running laughing out of the viewing tunnels for Creed’s border control and another of the plastic bag tree which reminds me of the puppeteer Nenagh Watson who filmed plastic bags caught in trees as part of her research into what constitutes a puppet and a puppeteer. The materials that Creed uses range from wood veneer, detritus, paint, cars, film, fluorescent lighting, you name it, he’s probably used it.

Creed won the Turner Prize for an installation piece consisting of a light going on and off in a gallery space. His films are funny with an underlying serious message. He is good at highlighting irony. I liked that the old school cars and van were the colours of light. I’m sure that every colour and material choice is made by Creed is purposeful and has a meaning.