Stuart Whipps is interested in change and matter. His exhibition at Spike Island explored the materiality of stone and creation of objects through archival research, film work and installation. His colour choices were really striking. Neons pared with coloured greys. Variations of tones and striking collaborations of the colour of raw materials combined with shiny hues.


Xavier Antin’s  show, displayed in the far gallery alongside Whipps, was all about light and defunct machinery. Here the machines were parts from printing presses, no longer functional but lit beautifully, casting shadows and glowing like fireflies in the gloom, but printing nothing, no longer in use. As a researcher investigating new technologies which may at some point replace old it was a poignant show but I did like the shadows an awful lot, particularly the way they spread the pieces so that they flooded onto the floors and walls, no longer metal cubes. Light giving them a life of their own.