Liz West  creates large scale immersive installation pieces around colour. For Bristol Biennial she transformed an empty office space into an immersive spectrum. You could move from one colour to another, bathed in coloured light. The idea was that you’d experience different feelings as you moved from one colour to another. It made a truly wonderful photo opportunity as well. I took Freddie with me who ran, bare foot, across the tiles from one colour to another. The piece had been created by placing coloured films over the existing lighting. I couldn’t quite tell if I was able to sense the different colours as I moved about the space but we were particularly lucky to go on the day it opened when it was pouring down with rain outside so we had the space to ourselves. I do remember feeling like I was walking through a slightly denser atmosphere but that was about it.

Unlike Ann Veronica Janseen’s mist installtions you had total clarity of vision and the floor reflected the light back up, whilst in the distance you could see other colours. The room moved across the rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple.