The Fashion and Textiles Museum is hidden away behind London Bridge in Bermondsey. It has a really interesting programme of exhibitions and events although the curation is sometimes a bit old fashioned.

I was interested to see the colour range in the fabrics on display because they were from the Interwar era that I’m looking to emulate in my own textile designs.

The exhibition began with a series of fashion illustrations, seen above, and then themed by activity and period of time.

The clothes showed some strong colours, fuchsia pink, apple green, turquoise and royal blue, paired with pastels, greys and dark neutrals. There was also alot of metallics and black, particularly in the evening wear. Noticeably there were no strong reds, red featured in orange tones but not saturated.

A series of depictions of interiors showed a very dark, opulent scene with dark mauve, dusky pink highlighted by pale grey silver.

A shimmery gold, orange and dog rose pink scene offered some interesting prints and patterns, geometric florals and embellishments but still the colour was fairly muted.

The show had some fabulous clips from silent movies on display.

Accompanied by film star gowns.