Isaac Newton Primary Colours mixture

Sir Isaac Newton’s experiments with daylight refracted to prisms identified seven, spectral  colours which Newton associated with notes in an octave. His experiments were developed from those conducted by Robert Boyle.  His publication Optiks documents his investigations and his thoughts on the nature of light. He visualised his seven colours as a circle, linking violet to red, of unequal proportions.

Newton identified that colour was a ‘perpetual property’ of light, not a ‘physical attribute’ and that it’s chromaticity, which is defined as a combination of hue and saturation, controls additive colour mixing. Both ColorSystem and HandPrint write in detail about Newton’s findings and how they influenced colour theory, colour measurement developments and our understanding of colour today.

Issacc Newton Colour optics from his book OpticksHues: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet